The Haciendas

The Haciendas are a 4-piece band from Manchester. Formed in 2020, the boys had to overcome instant obstacles which had arisen due to the global pandemic. There was no stopping them though, they managed to get some material together which they performed live for MMTV Unlocked in July. This opened the door for them to play their first performance to a crowd later that year at MMFest in August at the Irish World Heritage Centre in Manchester.

Their debut material is just around the corner, which is eagerly anticipated by their evergrowing fanbase who have been very vocal after hearing the catchy, melodic chorus' of 'It's Not Too Late' & 'Joker'. They hope to announce their debut release before the end of 2020, so hold tight...


Coming Soon

Live Gigs

Fri 27 Nov

Marley Mancunia Studios


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The Haciendas Manchester
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